Oil & Gas Investments Provide Stable, Passive Income with Exceptional Tax Benefits

The world of investing is complex and constantly changing. Oil and gas investments offer a wide range of benefits, making them an attractive part of any high net worth investor’s portfolio.

Passive Income with Strong Return on Investment

Quality oil and gas investments can provide stable, passive income for decades, often with high rates of return. Improvements to technology and a shift to developmental drilling have greatly lowered risks. And smart investments in targeted, successful areas of high production can lead to outstanding performance for investors.

Stable and Market-Proof

Unlike the stock market, oil and gas investments are relatively stable and generally free from the influence of destabilizing market forces. As such, a portfolio rich in oil and gas investments can provide insulation from outside market forces and inflation.

Loaded with Tax Incentives

As detailed here, the benefits to oil and gas investors when it comes to taxation are numerous and unique. Intangible Drilling Cost deductions provide up to 60-80 percent of well expenses off taxes in the first year. And 15 percent of the property’s gross is tax free. You’d be hard pressed to find a better incentivized investment opportunity.


As with all investments, potential investors should use the information above as informational only and consult their financial advisor before making any decisions.