Wade Hutchings

The Stack play is still in its early days with a lot to look forward to.  With every well we operate and every well other industry participants drill, our understanding of the Stack and its liquid phases improves.  We are learning more every day!

Rick Kirby

If you like Stack based on what you’re seeing from investor presentations to date, you’re going to love this play as it continues to unfold.

Russ Porter

The farther west you go, it gets deeper and gassier. The pressure is higher, which gives you the higher EURs and higher IPs, but also higher costs to drill and complete. I don’t think one is particularly better than the other. We’re generating similar-type returns.

Jack Stark

Look at the Boden well: It produced 144,000 boe in its first 82 days. It just shows you how strong deliverability of the Meramec is in this overpressured window.

Harold Hamm

You start looking at everything with a ‘3x’ [production, reserves on the overpressured Meramec] over there. You start getting enamored with it.


We have a number of quality operators in the basin, which I think will only help us challenge each other and collaborate. Considerable improvement is possible in EUR, spacing identification and completion efficiencies.